Experience the revolution of lingerie with Secxtion: where elegance meets rebellion. Break free from the norm as our collection blurs the line between lingerie and outerwear, empowering you to embrace your feminine energy with sophistication, boujee style, and an aura of majestic allure. Destroy reality, indulge in fantasy, and redefine the concept of lingerie on your own terms.
Mira Saidi

breaking the status-quo

SecXtion is a brand that celebrates diversity and empowers women of all shapes, sizes and gender. Our unique designs are inspired by the merging of different energies, represented by our zygote logo. We offer a variety of collections including partywear, swimwear, loungewear, fantasy wear, and vintage finds. Founded in 2022 by fashion designer Mira Saidi, our mission is to help you unleash your inner creative, confident, powerful, and beautiful self.

Destroy reality

indulge in fantasy